A calculated disinformation is being spread against Islam that it discourages scientific research and acquisition of knowledge. This false assertion completely ignores the significant contribution made by Muslim scholars in developing to a high level of excellence such important branches of knowledge as Mathe-matics, Medicine, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering etc. For nearly 900 years from 8th to the 17th centuries Muslim scholars of the eminence of Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Al Razi, Al Masudi, Al Beruni and others enlightened the world with advanced scientific knowledge when Europe was reeling under the Dark Ages. In fact the Muslim scientists inspired by Qur’anic values laid the foundation for the scientific and technological revolution in West Europe. Their thirst for knowledge was so intense that they travelled in all directions in search of knowledge and took pleasure in sharing and disseminating it. During the Muslim rule the portals of learning in Spain were open to scholars of all faith. The European scholars, particularly the Catholics, benefited most. No bias of faith was displayed by Muslim scholars in exchanging knowledge.

This monograph highlights the path breaking contributions made by Muslim scholars in promoting scientific research and advancing the frontiers of knowledge. To spread the impression that Islam is obsessed only with theosophical and spiritual aspects of human life is travesty of truth. The Qur’an encourages human beings to look for the bounties of Allah (SWT) on earth, in oceans and in space and use them for their comfort and convenience. The Qur’an also declares that these bounties have been made subject to human control.

It is hoped that the reader will find this monograph an interesting and revealing reading dispelling many a wrong notions about the teachings of Islam in relation to modern scientific education.

Author: Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam