This Monograph presents a fascinating account of the origin, purpose, continuation and termination of the Prophetic missions divinely commissioned by Allah (swt) from the descent of Adam on earth till its conclusion with the mission of Muhammad (saws), the last or the ‘seal of the Prophets’ as revealed in the Qur’an. Although according to an authentic tradition of the Prophet a little over 124,000 Prophets were divinely commissioned among diverse communities, the world over, since the dawn of human civilization. The missions of only 24 of them, who have been mentioned in the Qur’an, have been discussed in this Monograph.

These Prophetic missions were commenced and commissioned by Allah (swt) to reform human societies, in different stages of their growth and in diverse geographical settings, from idolatrous and corrupt practices. Their basic objective was to warn the respective peoples to follow the path of virtue and righteousness as preached and practiced by their respective Prophets. They were also severely warned that if they defied the commands of Allah (swt), as conveyed to them by their Prophets, they would be subjected to severe punishment in this world and in the Hell Fire in the Hereafter.

This Monograph highlights that there was complete uniformity and unity in the Missions of all the Prophets. They all stressed on the unity, eternity and supremacy of Allah (swt) the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe. They all preached the worship of one and only Allah (swt) and condemned unambiguously idol worship. They all exhorted their respective peoples to fear Allah (swt) and live an honest, truthful, just, generous and compassionate life in this world which will earn them Divine reward on the Day of Resurrection. In case they did not follow the path of piety shown by their Prophets they will invite the wrath of Allah (swt) and extremely severe divine retribution. Thus all those who defied the commands of Allah (swt) by violating the teachings of their respective Prophets were annihilated by catastrophic events. The people of Nuh (Noah), who mocked at Prophet Nuh, were drowned in a flood of colossal dimension. The people A’d who rejected the teachings of Prophet Hud were completely destroyed by a furious blizzard which lasted more than a week. Similarly the people of Thamud were killed by a thunderbolt and violent earthquake for defying their Prophet Saleh. The people of Prophet Lut (Lot) were also destroyed for persisting with their shameful act of Sodomy by an earthquake of extreme magnitude and exceptionally violent volcanic eruption. This should serve as a warning to the followers of Gay Movement and those countries and churches which legitimise them. The fate of arrogant Pharaoh who was drowned in the Red Sea for his contemptuous condemnation of the teachings of Prophet Moses should serve as a moral lessons to all arrogant and tyrant rulers. Since the Qur’an provides the bare facts about the death and destruction of these defiant people the author has supplemented them by some interesting details obtained from Biblical sources where they do not conflict with the facts revealed in the Qur’an.

This Monograph also stresses the fact that Allah (swt) always protected His Prophets, invariably rescued them from extremely difficult situations and blessed them with a life of honour and dignity. As for instance Prophet Nuh (Noah) together with his family members and his handful of followers was rescued in the Ark that he had built. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) emerged unharmed from the flaming fire in which he was thrown by the men of king Nimord. Prophet Moses along with Bani Israel crossed the Red Sea safely while Pharaoh and his entire army was drowned. And finally despite all the scheming, and evil designs of the Pagans of Makkah to assassinate Prophet Mohammad (saws) he could safely migrate to Madina.

The Monograph concludes with a brief discussion of the Prophetic Mission of Muhammad (saws) in order to reiterate and emphasise the continuity and unity of all prophetic missions. It is indeed remarkable that despite the stresses and strains he sustained, the tremendous difficulties and obstacles he encountered, nevertheless with the help of Allah (swt), with his total dedication, grit and determination and with the unflinching, support, loyalty and devotion of his companions, Muhammad (saws) achieved signal and unparalleled success in his mission and finally succeeded in founding the Islamic State of Madinah which he administered by successfully implementing the Qur’anic laws.

The author of this Monograph, Dr. Hafeez Siddiqi is an eminent geographer who has made notable contributions in the field of geopolitics. He is a reputed authority on the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean. His book: India and the Indian Ocean presents, an exquisite exposition of the geostrategic importance of India in the Indian Ocean. Dr. Siddiqi has an equally keen insight on Islamic history. This book is his first major contribution in Islamic Studies. He is an M.A. from the Aligarh Muslim University and Ph D from Pune University, India.