This monograph highlights the point that after the Second World War the two super powers USA and the erstwhile USSR misused science and technology to create instruments of terror to aggravate global insecurity and annihilate human civilization. Nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles and Star War Programmes were preferred to bread, butter and social development. Thus the social purpose of science i.e. to ensure stable and sustainable development of resources for the comfort and convenience of man was completely lost. It is therefore crucially important that scientists ought to radically reorient their research priorities in order to focus on eliminating disease, hunger and poverty and ensuring stability, prosperity and sustainability of human civilization.

The indiscriminate, and wasteful use of resources and hazardous disposal of wastes have acutely polluted the environment and disturbed the ecological balance globally. Nuclear radiation and pollution do not respect international frontier. They travel through shared water bodies and move freely with air currents as happened with the Chernobyl nuclear radiation (1986) and Indonesian Forest Fire (1997). Both the developed and developing countries have to work in perfect harmony, and in a spirit of mutual help and cooperation in order to avert the impending ecological catastrophe.

The Qur’anic value system differs sharply with the exploitative and harmful approach, prevalent currently. The Qur’an proclaims man to be the inheritor of the earth and of its resources. These natural resources, both concealed and exposed, have been placed under the control of man. He has been advised to look for their multiple benefits and search for their full potentials in order to derive maximum benefit for the comfort, convenience and fulfilment of human life. The Qur’an, sternly warns against wasteful utilization of resources. Since man, through excessive use, tends to exhaust the natural resources, Allah (SWT) has withheld from him the full knowledge of the available resources which, according to Qur’an, are inexhaustible. Allah (SWT) makes them available to human beings progressively, in phases and stages, in order to ensure the sustainability of human civilization till the Doomsday.

The monograph is compiled by Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam and ably assisted by Late Dr. Mohammad Ahmad.