This book discusses in some detail the Qur’anic revelations pertaining to Human Embryology in the light of the findings of the Medical Sciences.  It also discusses the creation of objects in pairs and creation of energy (fire) in green plants. The Qur’anic revelations in these areas are astonishingly accurate.

While science discovered in the mid 19th century that the process of fertilization was the outcome of the combination of male sperms and female ova, the Qur’an had revealed it in the early 7th century.  Similarly the somite formation has been very precisely described in the Qur’an by calling it Modgha which gives “the embryo the look of masticated lump with the indentations of the teeth.” D. Keith L Moore an internationally renowned Embryologist, confirms the accuracy of Qur’anic descriptions: “I was astonished by the accuracy of the statements that were recorded in the 7th century A.D., before the science of embryology was established.”

In certain areas of physical and chemical sciences too the Qur’an makes amazing correct statements. It declared that all animate and inanimate objects are created in pairs. This has been scientifically established by Dirac’s theory of electron which states that every matter has an anti matter. Similarly there is a clear reference in the Qur’an to the green plants generating energy (fire) through the process of photosynthesis which uses up water and carbon-di-oxide to produce Oxygen.

It is hoped that the exposition of these scientific truths in the Qur’an with stunning preciseness should inspire scholars, Muslims and Non-Muslims, to study Qur’an with devotion and dedication in order to unravel the scientific secrets still concealed in the Qur’anic verses.  We shall consider it a great success if this Monograph becomes a source for such inspiration.

Author: Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam