This monograph highlights the point that Islam, the religion of peace and of submission to the will of Allah (SWT), was the religion of all the prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). They were all inspired by the one and the same supreme Divine Force-Allah (SWT) and therefore preached and propagated the same fundamental truth of Oneness and Supremacy of Allah (SWT). This strong idealogical identity among all the religions is also confirmed by the fact that despite interpolations and distortions in their texts all the extant scriptures right from the ancient Vedas and Puranas to Tauret (Torah) and Injeel (Bible) have retained predictions about the prophetic mission of Muhammad (SAWS), the incomparable benefactor of mankind. The Prophetic mission of Muhammad (SAWS) had certain distinctive features. His mission was of universal character freed from the limitations of time, space and ethnicity whereas the missions of all other prophets were community and region specific. He was gifted with a Divine Book – Al Qur’an, a book of universal relevance for the guidance of all mankind, which would remain uncorrupted and would retain its originality till eternity.

The Qur’an testifies that the Prophet (SAWS) was gifted with an unmatched nobility of character among all human beings. Allah (SWT) was so immensely pleased with the sincerity, devotion and dedication with which Muhammad (SAWS) discharged his prophetic duties that He promised to keep him ever on the path of Truth and Righteousness. Moreover, on the Day of Resurrection Muhammad (SAWS) would be elevated to the most distinguished position, i.e. Maqam-e-Mahmood “Station of Praise and Glory” with the permission to intercede, and seek divine pardon for those not guilty of shirk i.e. joining other gods with Allah (SWT). Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) was that missing hallowed brick which perfected the magnificent edifice of Deen (religion) Islam, meticulously nurtured by the preceding prophets, and with him thus terminated the chain of divinely ordained prophets.

However the most privileged and unique distinction conferred on Muhammad (SAWS) was the return Night Journey (Asra) during the fraction of a night from Masjid Al Haram in Makkah to Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and his subsequent ascent to Heaven (Me’raj) from Masjid Al-Aqsa in order to see the splendid creations of Allah (SWT) which are beyond human imagination and which defy description. The Muslim exegisits are not agreed if this miraculous event was an experience of the soul only or occurred in full state of awakening involving physical transportation of the Prophet (SAWS). Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (SAWS) alone knows the truth. It is, however, suggested in this book that in the light of such Qur’anic evidences as the descent of Adam and Eve, in human form, from Heaven to Earth, and the shift of the throne of Queen of Saba (Sheba), in the twinkling of an eye, from Yemen to the palace of Solomon in Jerusalem, the miracle of Asra and Me’raj occurring in full state of awakening is well within the realm of possibility. Nothing is beyond the Power of Allah (SWT).

The monograph stresses the point that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) was the ultimate in epitomising the Qur’anic values and the spirit and ethos of Islam. There was no contradiction in his thought and action, precept and practice, in his worldly and spiritual life. They were in perfect harmony. He had attained the pinnacle of both spiritual glory and human nobility. The brilliance of his achievements has remained unmatched and unparalleled in human history, even to this day, and will not be excelled till the Doomsday.

Author: Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam. He was ably assisted by Late Dr. Mohammad Ahmad and Dr. M.A.K. Fatimy, Colonel A.F.M.A. Muqsith (Retd.).