There are serious misgivings and misconceptions about the fundamentals of Islam, particularly in the West. Islam is mis-construed as a fanatical religion, intolerant of other religious and political thoughts and therefore encourages terrorism. This is a fallacious assumption contrary to realities. The main object of this monograph is to dispel this misconception and present an objective assessment of the Islamic values which promote peace and do not precipitate any “Clash of Civilization.”

Some of the distinguished scholars in the West are working overtime to put forward sophisticated theories about the intolerant nature and bloody character of Islam. They are quoting out of context verses of the holy Qur’an and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) to buttress their theories. Historical facts are being misinterpreted to prove the point. Indeed the history itself is being rewritten. At the bottom of this is the underlying fear of the inherent dynamism of Islam and its increasing appeal as a rational religion firmly adhering to the principles of peace, compassion and justice.

Islam is being criticised as inherently antidemocratic and deterministic in nature. Above all Islamic countries are being accused of aggressive designs and hence are marked for their bloody borders. This book argues cogently and coherently against the fallacious arguments and malicious propaganda of some of the Western scholars and of the media in the West. It demonstrates with irrefutable facts and figures that Islam firmly stands for consensus and democracy. It is against determinism and gives full liberty to individuals to act according to their conscience. It subscribes firmly to the principles of peace, tolerance, compassion and justice. This was amply demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) on the conquest of Makkah.

In conclusion this monograph declares unequivocally that the Qur’an is totally opposed to the culture of bullets and bombs. We should, therefore explore more the possibilities of the confluence of cultures and convergence of value systems rather than clash of civilization.

Author:Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam