The monograph on Earth Sciences and Qur’anic Revelations critically examines the Qur’anic revelations relating to the various aspects of earth sciences, such as the character of the earth, wind system, wind cloud relationship, mountain building, fresh and saline water etc., in the background of scientific findings about their properties, process of formation and character. It is indeed remarkable that revelations in the Qur’an relating to various features and characteristics of the earth, the Ocean and the atmosphere are in perfect harmony with the findings of the scientists in the respective fields. The Qur’an anticipates the principle of isostacy when it describes the stabilising role of mountains on the surface of the earth. The role of winds in carrying rain laden clouds is described with admirable accuracy. The formation of rivers and springs and the separation of fresh and saline water are stated with scientific preciseness which is indeed amazing.

This monograph presents only a broad spectrum of Qur’anic revelations pertaining to various features of the earth sciences. There is need for the specialists such as the Hydrologists, the Geologists, the Geophysicists, the Climatologists and the Oceanographers to study in greater depth the Qur’anic revelations relating to their respective areas to gain a better appreciation of the significance of the Qur’anic revelations. We do hope, this monograph will be instrumental in stimulating such studies.

In monograph No.17 of MEDNET: Selected Qur’anic Verses Classified by Scientific Themes, all the definitive Qur’anic verses which deal with varied scientific aspects such as Astronomical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Medical, Biological Sciences and Natural Resources have already been published. However for the benefit of the readers of this monograph an appendix has been added which highlights the Qur’anic verses relating to Earth Sciences only.

Author:Prof. Shah Manzoor Alam