Life and deeds of the great personalities of the early period of Islam, who rose from the suffering souls to shape an exemplary society and an unparalleled style of governance leading to understanding the true spirit of Islam.  For Muslims they are the role models and for others an eye-opener, as the Orientalists have presented them in partisan fashion albeit in sophisticated way in guise of scholarly work.  This is not to run down the genuine research work done by Europeans to bring forth the factual details and teaching of Islam. In fact, the literature available in the libraries of EU countries, especially Germany, is invaluable for which the Muslim Ummah should be indebted. But the material needs to sifted and sorted to differentiate true from false. Unfortunately, there is paucity of authentic literature in simple English that is not riddled with un-necessary details.

This monograph is one of the set of two monographs presenting brief biographies covering the famous ‘Ashrah al-Mubashshirah (The Blessed Ten). Monograph 30 covers the first four Rightly Guided Caliphs (Khulafa-e Rashideen). The companions, whose biographies are included in this monograph, are the remaining six, who have the distinction of being among them.

Only relevant facts have been taken form the material drawn from various sources including the Glorious Quran and authentic Ahadith (Traditions) of the Prophet (saws) with a view to making the monograph concise and pocket friendly. The aim is to spread true knowledge in easy to understand language.

Compiled by Col. A.F,M. Muqsith, a retired army Col. And a keen scholar of Islamic Studies and Dr. Aqeel Hashmi, former Head Department of Urdu and retired Associate Professor of Urdu, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.