This monograph is presented in two parts. In Part I, the learned authors have explained the real concept and practice of Jihad in Islam quoting profusely from the Holy Qur’an and the Traditions of the Prophet (saws). The concept remains unchanged no matter how much it is distorted thanks to the preserved scripture of Islam – Al-Qur’an. In Part II, views expressed by others, including some of the important non-Muslim scholars, are given.

Perhaps no other work on Jihad has dealt the most news-making subject, which is agitating the minds of all peace loving people in the world, so comprehensively covering all possible dimensions. It brings out very clearly the crucial differences in use of violence as an inescapable means of protecting peace and maintaining security of common people and for pursuit of worldly aims disturbing peace and violating security. Islam approves the first one and condemns strongly the later.

Views of eminent non-Muslim scholars are quite revealing as they too support the basic premise that there is nothing wrong with the Islamic concept of Jihad, as it is justified in many major religious ideologies. Islam goes a step further by differentiating between personal Jihad and the armed action which is a state responsibility for protection and not disturbing peace. Personal Jihad is a common phenomenon as life without struggle is unimaginable.

Editors: Dr. Mohd. Zahir and Mr. Abu Nazim