This monograph Compilation of Ahadith (Traditions) of the Prophet (saws) is divided into two parts. Part I gives graphic account of the unique effort which has gone into compilation of the authentic sayings of the Prophet of Islam (saws) for posterity, and Part II contains a wonderful selection of Ahadith arranged subject-wise for ease of reference.

The Monograph brings out the importance and significance of Ahadith for proper understanding and practicing of Islam in simple and straightforward manner. It leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader about their indispensability. Keeping in mind the fact that, unlike the Holy Qur’an, the Prophet (saws), for that matter even the Sahabah (Companions), neither ordered nor supervised the recording of Ahadith during their periods, the time-laps and absence of official patronage, the accomplishment of such systematic and scientific compilation for posterity is a living tribute to the piety, honesty and the unique sense of duty of the scholars of Hadith. But for their dedicated and selfless effort the literature of Islam would have remained incomplete.

The editors of this Monograph have done a wonderful job of presenting the complex subject of the process and the history of compilation of Ahadith concisely in simple language that will – Insha’ Allah – enrich the knowledge of Islam of the reader.

Col. A.F.M. Muqsith, a retired Army Colonel and a keen scholar of Islamic Studies and Dr. Aqeel Hashmi, retired Associate Professor of Urdu and former Head, Department of Urdu, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.