Many books have been written on this subject. They differ widely in details and method of dealing with the subject. Necessity was felt to have a book on this important subject covering all essential aspects of each of the battles fought under the command of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWS), giving the background leading to and the resultant impact of outcome on the immediate course of events. These battles were not at all like other battles which have taken place and may continue, so long as ruling elite of the nations remain enslaved to the so called ‘national interests’ and personal greed of fame, name and influence. Compared to the two great wars fought during 20th Century, battles fought at the early stages of Islam, have hardly any significance in military terms. But the impact the result of each of these battles had on the course of human history makes them unique and epoch making.

This monograph on Battles by the Prophet (SAWS), is not merely a narration of the events which took place during the course of these battles. It provides deep insight to the background and the events leading to them, essential details of the battles themselves and the abnormal outcomes and the resultant impact. It also brings to the fore the daring deeds of personal bravery and valour, displayed in the face extreme odds faced by the ill equipped, and much less prepared, men coming out victorious against all norms of such battles. It appears that those deeply committed and devoted men, bearing arms in the cause of God, literally chased the death with such zeal and enthusiasm that the death itself got scared of them. There are hardly any parallel of such battles in the history of warfare.

The monograph also presents the concept of war in Islam, the etiquette to be followed and rules to be observed even under such trying conditions which any war presents. Contrary to the custom of loot, plunder, destruction, display of vengeance and cruelty, Muslim fighters displayed remarkable restraint during battles and dignified and magnanimous treatment given to the vanquished – all as a proof of extreme sense of personal discipline, respect to the divine directions and instruction of the commander. From this point of view, these battles become unique in the history of mankind and contributed substantially to the drafting of all declarations, charters and conventions which the modern world has come to respect and regard as great achievements.

The monograph is result of life long study and profound research in Islamic history  by late Mr. Sayyid Ameenul Hasan Rizvi, who graciously permitted its publication by MEDNET. He was an eminent lawyer, a distinguished scholar and a Member of the Muslim Law Board in India