About Us

The Mustafa Educational Network Trust (MEDNET), Hyderabad, was established in 1994 with the object: To prepare a corpus of literature on Islam highlighting its fundamentals, basic concepts and its ethos and relevance in the contemporary context in a systematic and scientific way. To set up a chain of schools in India imparting high quality modern, Read More »


The Muslim world has presently earned the dubious distinction of being the centre of religious extremism and intolerance. Armed militias dominate the political landscape of Muslim countries. Factional conflicts, sectarian violence, deficit of democracy and intolerance of dissent are ubiquitous. They prevent the Muslim countries from making any progress socially, economically, and politically. Moreover, they Read More »


Islam revolutionised the oppressive tribal Arab society in the 7th. century. It demolished its hierarchical and exploitative social and economic system. It ushered in the radical idea of equality of mankind, abolished usury and thereby liberated the poor from the crushing burden of indebtedness of the rich. It raised the social status of women and Read More »

Essence and Spirit of Islam

This Monograph on Essence and Spirit of Islam is the last in the series of Monographs pertaining to Qur’an and Islam published by the Mustafa Educational Network Trust (MEDNET). It is an extremely difficult task nonetheless an attempt has been made to condense in a capsule salient features about the Qur’an and Islam presented more Read More »

Earth Sciences and Qur’anic Revelations

The monograph on Earth Sciences and Qur'anic Revelations critically examines the Qur'anic revelations relating to the various aspects of earth sciences, such as the character of the earth, wind system, wind cloud relationship, mountain building, fresh and saline water etc., in the background of scientific findings about their properties, process of formation and character. It Read More »

Qur’anic Encouragement to Scientific Research

A calculated disinformation is being spread against Islam that it discourages scientific research and acquisition of knowledge. This false assertion completely ignores the significant contribution made by Muslim scholars in developing to a high level of excellence such important branches of knowledge as Mathe-matics, Medicine, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering etc. For nearly 900 years Read More »